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Three Social Media Marketing Blunders You Should Avoid

by Angelina

Social media has slowly morphed into becoming a powerful force in setting the larger societal and cultural narrative. From a digital marketing perspective, it represents a field with limitless potential. Given the sheer volume of people on social media, a brand can find its target audience on social media.

Given the amount of focus big and small brands have on social media, one would think that enough attention is given to maintaining a brand’s engagement and reputation. Sadly, social media is not as predictable as other forms of media. There are many times experienced marketers are not able to anticipate the consequence of their own messaging strategy and content tactics.

According to Gaurav Heera in a press conference, In any given digital marketing institute, students are taught to learn the value of social media. Even a week of quality content posting can skyrocket engagement on social media and blow the floodgates open for followers to come in. It is a medium that can spread a message faster than any other none mass media medium. Even TV and newspapers are left wanting when it comes to matching the reach of a platform like Facebook which mas multiple billions of monthly active users.

The stakes on social media are always high, even if you’re a small brand. In this article, we go over some social media blunders many brands tend to make which, in turn, harm their reputation and perception.

Uploading Controversial or Insensitive Content

On social media, brand accounts cannot speak from personal positions. Social media execs managing these brand accounts have to speak from the brand’s perspective. This largely means making sure that any comment or new post added should not be insensitive to anyone.

We live in a time when it takes a very small statement for a large group of people to be offended. Brands like Zomato have faced backlash on social media for posting controversial content. This type of situation is a nightmare for a social media exec.

Ideally, brands should post neutral content which is not just sensitive to the emotions of its audience, but also people not part of its audience. Inclusiveness is an attribute every brand must exude online.

Not Posting on Schedule

Some brands only post content when they feel inspired to do so. This is a grave mistake.

Any audience expects that the brand it is following on social media will continually post content and engage. Even a short delay in the usual posting pattern can sometimes by disruptive for a brand. This is an easy social media blunder to avoid. Just make sure you maintain a sound posting pattern on social media.

Becoming Too Adevrtorial and Promotional

The reason you have a social media profile for your brand is promotion. Your audience knows that.

However, it is not right to rub it in their faces every time you post something. Posting too many advert-like social media posts can be very harmful to a brand and can drive followers away. Make sure your social media content enriches your followers’ experience. If you manage to make someone happy even for a while, you will get a lot of engagement.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, we discussed grave social media marketing blunders you should avoid making.

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